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Friday, July 15, 2005



Yes- bowties are making a slow come back - though for some they never went away.


i am participating already, have been for about a year.
i don't often have occasion to get all dressed so i generally will just do it for no reason. my girlfriend works night at a coffeeshop on weekends and i like to show up close to closing time dressed up, and of course in a bow tie. we go to our favorite bar usually for a few beers after wards.
wearing a bow tie will earn you some strange receptions with some people. complete strangers will openly and unashamedly give me dirty looks, and then sometimes complete stranger will walk right up and give me a compliment or ask questions (are they hard to tie, are they more expensive, etc.). people i know will either compliment me or make no comment whatsoever.
one thing i have learned, though, is that contrary to popular belief, girls love a man in a bow tie ; )


I just learned how to tie a bow tie right before Valentine's Day. I saw one in an S & K Menswear that I thought would like nice with a sweater vest that my wife bought me. At first, my wife didn't think that it would look right, but after I put it on & put the right accesories with it, I got many compliments. My friends want me to teach them how to tie them as well. One friend wants to know how to tie one so that he can wear his with a tuxedo. Another friend just passed the bar for law & wants to wear them to court. Either way, it's not a wrong choice. I particularly like mine with the sweater vests (regular or button up) or the suit vests with the lapel on them. I repeat, you can't go wrong with either option.

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Yes ,My friends want me to teach them how to tie them as well.


Heck Yah!!!.. I Made A Group Called The "Bow+TiedxBrutals" Yesterday.. Wait For About 10 Years It's Going To Be BIG!

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