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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Francis J. Beckwith

You write:
"1) "People in our society have rights, freedoms and choices throughout their lives."
2) "[Choosing] death is just another one of those decisions."
T 3) We should have the right to choose death."

Here's why your argument begs the question. The question is whether one has a right to die. But your second premise affirms an answer to that question, yes (I am assuming that "decisions" in the second premise means the same thing as "choices" in the first premise). But that answer is the conclusion as well.

I'm not saying that there may not be a good argument for the right to die. All I'm suggesting is that the one found in the Lariat is not one of those arguments, if it is even an argument at all.

I appreciate your interest in my work.


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